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Txt chat rooms

Txt chat rooms

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This cgat defines the necessary tools for establishing multi-party chat sessions, or chat rooms, using MSRP. It represents the consensus of the IETF community. Niemi, et al. All rights reserved.


This document defines the necessary tools for establishing multi-party chat sessions, chah chat rooms, using MSRP. It represents the consensus of the IETF community. Niemi, et al. All rights reserved. Please review these documents carefully, as they describe your rights and restrictions with respect to this document. Without obtaining an adequate from the person s controlling the copyright in such materials, this document may not be modified outside the IETF Standards Process, and derivative works of it may not be created outside the IETF Standards Process, except to format it for publication as an Oklahoma city grandma sex chat or to translate it into languages other than English.

Motivations and Requirements Overview of Operation Policy Attributes of the Chat Room Creating, ing, and Deleting a Chat Room Creating a Oroms Room ing a Chat Room Deleting a Chat Room Sending and Receiving Friend chat site Messages Regular Messages Private Messages Congestion Avoidance Using Nicknames within a Chat Room Modifying a Nickname Removing a Nickname Nicknames in Conference Event Packages The SDP 'chatroom' Attribute Setting Up a Nickname Sending a Regular Message to the Chat Room Sending a Private Message to a Participant Chunked Private Message Nickname in a Conference Information Document IANA Considerations New SDP Attribute Security Considerations Normative References Informative References Such a conference can naturally singles chat rooms free MSRP sessions.

It is the responsibility of an entity handling the media to relay IMs received from one participant to the rest of the participants in the conference. Several such rokms already exist in the Internet. Free adult chat in cedar rapids iowa in a chat room can be identified with a pseudonym or nickname and can decide whether their real identifier is disclosed to other participants.

Participants can also use a rich set of features such as the ability to send private instant messages to other participants. Similar conferences supporting chat room functionality are already available today.

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Specifying equivalent functionality for MSRP-based systems eases interworking between these systems. This document defines requirements, conventions, and extensions for providing private messages and nickname management in centralized chat rooms roomd MSRP. Participants in a chat room can be identified by a pseudonym and decide if their real identifier should be disclosed to other chat burmese.

Should requirements arise, future mechanisms for providing similar functionality in generic conferences might be developed, for example, where the media is not only restricted to MSRP. The mechanisms described in free sex chat in overland park az document provide a future compatible short-term solution for MSRP centralized chat rooms.

In addition, we introduce some new terms: Nickname: a pseudonym or descriptive name associated with a participant. See Section 7 for details. Multi-party Chat: an instance of a tightly coupled conference, in which the media exchanged between the participants consist of MSRP-based IMs. Also known as a chat room. Chat Room: a synonym for a multi-party chat. Sender: the chat room participant who originally created an IM and sent it to the chat room caht for further delivery.

Recipient: the destination chat room participant s. This defaults to the full conference participant list minus the IM Sender. The MSRP switch has a similar role to a conference mixer with the exception that the MSRP switch does not actually "mix" together different input media streams; it merely relays the messages between chat room participants. Private IM: an IM sent in a chat room intended for a single participant.

A private IM tt usually rendered asian gay chat from the rest of the IMs, indicating that the message was a private communication. The allocation of such a URI is out of scope of this specification.

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An anonymous URI must fooms valid for the length of the chat room Niemi, et al. Conference Event Package: a notification mechanism that allows conference participants to learn conference information including roster and state changes in a conference. Identifier: a string used to recognize or establish as being a particular user.

To log in: to enter identifying data, as a name or password, into a chat room, so as free sex chat stamford be able to do work with the chat room. Motivations and Requirements Although conference frameworks describing many types of conferencing applications already exist, such as the one in "A Framework for Centralized Conferencing" [ RFC ] and the SIP Conferencing Framework [ RFC ], the exact details of rooks instant messaging conferences chat rooms are not well-defined at the moment.

To allow interoperable chat implementations, for both conference- aware and conference-unaware UAs, certain conventions for MSRP chat rooms need to be defined. It also seems beneficial to provide a set of features that enhance the baseline multi-party MSRP in order to roome able to create systems that have functionality on par with existing chat systems as well as to enable the building of interworking gateways to these existing chat systems.

We define the following requirements: REQ A basic requirement is the existence of a chat room, where participants can and leave the chat room and exchange IMs with the rest of the participants.

REQ A horny naked blonde women chatting of an IM in a chat room must be able to determine the identifier of the sender of the message. Note that the actual identifier depends on the one that was used by the sender when ing the chat room.

For instance, the recipient of the message might be the entire chat room or a single participant i. Note that the actual identifier may depend on the one that was used by the recipient when he or she ed the chat room. REQ It must be possible to send a message to a single participant within the chat room i. REQ A chat room participant may have a nickname or pseudonym associated with their real identifier.

REQ It must be possible for a participant to change their nickname during the progress of the chat room session. REQ It must be possible for a participant to be known only by an anonymous identifier and not their real identifier by the rest of the chat room. REQ It must be possible how to have video chat sex chat room participants to learn the chat room capabilities described in this document. Overview of Operation Before a chat room can be entered, it must be created.

Users wishing to host a chat room themselves can, of course, do just that; their UA simply morphs from an ordinary UA into a special purpose one called a "Focus UA".

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Another, commonly used setup is one where a dedicated node in the network functions as a Focus UA. The conference focus processes the invitations, and as such, maintains SIP dialogs with each participant. In a multi- party chat, or chat room, MSRP is one of cht established media streams. This is illustrated in Figure 1. However, unlike a conference mixer, the MSRP switch merely gay dirty video chat messages between participants: it doesn't actually mix the streams in any way.

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The system is illustrated in Figure 2. For example, participants can learn about other participants' identifiers, including their nicknames. A participant can also send a private IM addressed to a participant whose identifier has been learned, e. This specification supports the sending of private messages to one and only one recipient. However, if the Niemi, et al.

txtt This is achieved by a new 'chatroom' attribute in SDP please refer to Section 8 for a detailed description. American mens is assumed that an MSRP session is mapped to a chat room.

This section lists chta the Conference Policy attributes used by the present document free erotic chat room refers to sections in the document where the usage of these attributes are described in greater detail. Nicknames: Whether the chat room accepts users to be recognized with a nickname. See Sections 77. Also, the scope of uniqueness of the nickname: the chat room conference instancea realm or domain, a server, etc.

This allows the initial holder of the nickname to the chat room during the quarantine period and claim the same nickname they were ly using. See Section 11 for details. Private messaging: Whether the chat room allows users to send private messages to other users of the chat room through the MSRP roomz. See Sections 6. Deletion of the chat room: Whether the chat room can be deleted when the roosm leaves the chat room or through an out-of-band mechanism. See Section 5.

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Simultaneous access: Whether a user can log in from different endpoints using the same identity. See Section 6. Chunk reception timer: The value of a time that controls the maximum time that the MSRP switch is waiting for the reception of different chunks belonging to the same message.

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