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Rates and Terms

How much can I receive?

Customers can receive up to $5,000. Your initial loan amount will depend on a number of factors, including your state of residence and borrowing profile.

How much will my loan cost if I have bad credit?

If you have poor credit, you can reasonably expect finance charges for your loan to fall between $7 to $15 for every $50 borrowed per pay period.

Finance charges apply to all loan transactions. These finance charges range depending on your individual loan terms and are determined by factors including your borrowing profile, employment and previous loan repayment history. Lenders reserve the right to determine finance charges based on these above-mentioned indicators.

Should you use 90DayAdvance U.S. to apply for a personal loan, but are not satisfied with your proposed interest rate (APR), you may take the appropriate measures (making future payments on time, raising your credit score) to improve your chances of qualifying for a lower rate of financing in the future.

There are no hidden fees! You will only pay interest for the duration you choose to keep your loan. A flat fee per installment is charged if a payment is late. Once you pay your loan in full, your obligation is complete. You can even repay your loan early with no pre-payment penalties!

The table below calculates total loan costs for a 90 day (three months) loan and uses the 140% Representative APR applied to short term small loans.

Amount borrowed Total repayable APR
$300 $372.57 140%
$500 $620.95 140%
$700 $869.33 140%
$1000 $1241.90 140%

How long do I have to pay off my personal loan?

You can have up to 90 days to pay off your small loan (up to $1,000); however, you can repay your loan early without any pre-payment penalties. Notice that larger approved loan amounts may require a longer repayment period (up to 5 years). And many state regulations mandate a shorter repayment period (up to 30 days) for small high risk loans.

Small Loan Affordability Test

Small loans (up to $1,000) have shorter repayment terms as per most state regulations. We have checks in place that minimize the likelihood that we give a loan to someone who can't afford it. But no system is perfect and we advise you run this simple affordability test before applying.

Monthly Income: $800
Requested Loan Amount: $400
Loan Term: 30 Days

As you can see from the example above, this customer tries to obtain a 30-day loan that amounts to half their monthly pay. Once we add the interest charges to the loan, the total amount he will have to come up with is around $500. You can use the personal loan calculator below to estimate the total amount payable on your next payday. Clearly, the customer will have only about $300 left for his other expenses next month. He hardly can afford to borrow $400 under these circumstances. There is an option to pay the loan back over two periods (60 days), but most state regulations prohibit such loans because the arrangement contradicts the very nature of the product - converting it into a long term high risk loan rather than a short term cash advance. Experience shows that if people can't afford a one period loan, they are unlikely to pay it back over two or more periods as they tend to fall back on the payments and also try to take out new loans to pay the old ones.

TIP: Borrow a smaller amount. Make sure that your total loan plus finance charges do not exceed 25% (fourth) of your next paycheck - the lower the better.

This personal loan calculator allows you to estimate your total loan costs for small (up to $1,000) loans calculated at the representative APR rate of 140%. Notice: Larger loan amounts may be repaid over a longer period.

Personal loan calculator:
Borrow: $ + Total interest: $ = You repay*: $ Apply Now
*Repaid over 90 days. Based on a 90 day loan at an annual interest rate of 140% (fixed).