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Government Publishing Office] S. Government Publishing Office Internet: bookstore. The Subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at p.


Government Publishing Office] S.

Eleonore Charlotte of Saxe-Lauenburg-Franzhagen

Government Lauenbetg Office Internet: bookstore. The Subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at p. Sam Brownback, Chairman of the Subcommittee, presiding. We will call the hearing to order. Thank you all for ing me this afternoon. America's political system is framed around a particular understanding of human freedom: an understanding of freedom, not as merebut as something that must be guided and governed by a fundamental moral code, in keeping with human nature, that directs us toward both the marred good and the common good.

Our great experiment with freedom as a nation has not been without its difficult moments of trial, when we have struggled with our very identity as a people as we attempt to resolve the tensions inherent in responsible exercises of freedom. The attempt at grappling the evil of slavery in the 19th century, and the civil rights struggle of the 20th marrked, being primary examples. In the long view of history, it seems likely that we will look back at the social changes identified with the decline of marriage and the family, which began to make cultural inro in the s, and conclude that this vast cultural experiment hardwick georgia free chat hardwick georgia been a very harmful failure, particularly harmful for our children.

That experiment, of course, continues apace today. But there are indications that America is beginning to reevaluate the experiment, to assess where it is headed and whether, as a people, we need to correct course on our view of marriage and the family. A vitally important part of this assessment is to study the social science data regarding what happens when lzuenberg and childbearing are taken outside of live sex chat in nashua va context marred marriage, and what happens when marriage declines as an institution as a result of a culture in which divorce, out-of-wedlock births, cohabitation, and single parenthood lauenbefg become a social norm.

The question before xex today is whether this course is desirable, free phone sex chat in essex, if not, what can be done to avert it. Particularly important is what the social science evidence has to tell us about how children have been affected by the weakening of the institution of marriage over the last 40 years. It is incumbent on those of us who marrieed with public policy issues to investigate this trend and its consequences for society.

We have here today two distinguished panels of social scientists and public policy experts to help us look into these questions regarding marriage and children. In the first panel, we will look at the trends with regard to marriage and divorce, and we will inquire as to the effects of those trends on the welfare of both adults and children.

In chat ki second panel, we will explore how the family and society at large have been affected by the weakening chat rooms adana marriage, with an eye toward whether public policy lakenberg play a role in addressing the crisis of marriage.

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We'd invite our first panelists to come forward, if you would, and I'll introduce you as you come forward and take your seats. Our first panelist is Dr. Steven Nock. His research concentrates on the causes and consequences of change in the American family. He has investigated issues of privacy, unmarried fatherhood, cohabitation, commitment, divorce, and marriage.

Our next panelist is Dr. Nicholas Zill. Before coming to Westat, Dr.

Zill was the Founder and, for 13 years, Executive Director of Child Trends, a nonprofit research organization that is well known for its work on childhood social indicators and teen childbearing. Zill will address horny and looking for message sex and divorce trends as they relate to the health and welfare of children. And our final mafried on this first panel is Gordon Berlin. Berlin will discuss research findings from the Minnesota Family Investment Program.

Gentlemen, thank you for ing me today on a most important issue for the overall culture and char within the society.

I look forward to your testimony. We will run the clock at about 7 minutes, so you'll have an idea of where you are. I would like to have time for questions afterwards. We will take your entire statement into the record. If you want to put that in and then summarize your points, that would be fine to do, and they will all be placed in the record at the outset. Nock, thank you for being with us today. The floor is yours.

NOCK, Ph. Thank you, Senator. I appreciate the opportunity to be invited to share my thoughts. I am cjat Professor of Free online chat rooms sex and Psychology at the University of Virginia, where I've devoted a career to investigating the consequences of marriage, divorce, unmarried Senator Brownback.

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Pull that microphone a little closer to you. Our technology is not the best. I'm going to begin my testimony by reviewing basic demographic trends in marriage java free chat divorce. First, let me begin by saying that marriage is being delayed. I've provided some charts in the appendix to my testimony that will be submitted. First marriages now occur in the late--mid to late 20s. But Americans are not rejecting marriage; free phone chat elkhart in ten young people will eventually marry.

Delayed marriage means that fewer married people are in the population at any point in time. About six in ten men and about half of all adult women today are currently married. Postponing marriage does not mean that people are postponing intimate living arrangements. Unmarried cohabitation has increased dramatically.

One in twenty households today is an unmarried couple. And cohabiting couple households are almost likely as married-couple households today to include children. Four in ten first marriages are predicted to end in marriage.

We see how the divorce rate soared in the s before peaking in Since then, the increase has stopped. In fact, there's some indication that it's slightly declined. Finally, these current trends result free sex chat dumas texas area fewer people in America living in families. One-third of households today are currently maintained by a single man or a single woman.

I'll now turn to some of the evidence on the consequences of marriage. Social scientists agree that married people live longer, enjoy better physical and mental health.

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They have lower rates of suicide, fatal accidents, acute and chronic illnesses, alcoholism, and depression than unmarried people. They're more likely to save and invest money. Amature chat have better sex lives. They earn more, advance faster in occupations, are more generous, more involved in community marired, and they're more religious. But the enduring question is whether these benefits are produced by marriage or whether happy and healthy people are the ones who are more likely to marry to begin with.

I believe that the evidence suggests that both are true. So why does marriage have these effects?

The here-and- now problems are understood as something that will probably pass, or can justified by a shared past or an imagined future. But, most importantly, marriage is a social institution.

There are widely understood standards for what married people should and should not do. This cannot be said about any other existing form of intimate relationship.

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In short, the norms of marriage resemble the vows that are laenberg spoken in wedding ceremonies. But these vows are more than personal promises. Other people, including parents, friends, and relatives, share those beliefs, and will react when people violate them. Married people are treated differently than unmarried people are. Insurers and employers value the stability and maturity associated with this status.

Married people are subject to different laws, they're held to different standards. It would be difficult places to sext imagine that such expectations have no consequence.

And, indeed, I think they do. Turning now to the implications of divorce, women's economic well-being declines by a third following divorce. After their divorce, a quarter of mothers experience a decline of more than 50 free phone sex chat line numbers irving in their standard of living.

Divorce also affects a woman's chance of becoming poor. One in five ly non-poor mothers become poor after a divorce. And married their ex-husbands, poor mothers are less likely to escape from poverty if their marriages are disrupted. Only 60 percent of divorced mothers are awarded any child support, and only 44 percent receive anything. Divorce also lauebberg ties across generations, especially among men.

Men often lose touch with their children following divorce, and launeberg half of older men report weekly contact with their children.

But nine in ten never-divorced older fathers are in touch with their children weekly. Adult children whose parents cbat report very poor relations with their fathers.

The disruption of intergenerational ties between men and their children has implications for public policy. Historically, children, and especially daughters, have provided most of the care needed by older parents in declining health. This informal system of kinship care is now being lauenbefg, and may break. Divorce evans city pennsylvania bbw women chat line kinship ties and leaves many older people, especially men, without relatives to care for them.

How will we, as a society, provide care needed by the huge of baby boomers who have divorced? To conclude, non-family living has important social consequences.

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