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Compuserve chat rooms

Compuserve chat rooms

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What's your experience with "chat rooms"? All you need is a direct Internet connection, dating wap chat one through a firewall. And even some firewalls allow you to use Internet Relay Chat. You must connect to a server to use Chat; there are many that are available to the public without a password. All the servers on a particular network are geared to pass messages to one another, although sometimes through inadvertence, technical problems, or malice, servers within a network may stop communicating.


This is one of the benefits and hindrances of having an Internet Service Provider with exclusive features. This means, of course, that if you're a CompuServe subscriber who wants to have a chat with a non-subscriber, you're out of luck.

The tradeoff is ease of use -- in my experience, Internet Relay Chat has been one of the most hot lancaster chat room areas for newcomers to get into. Post Script: AOL's Busy als America Online's frequent busy als have not only made headlines but also generated some clever some might say desperate workarounds.

Several readers wrote to mention that naughty gay chat can use the proprietary AOL software through a direct Internet connection from a different service fooms. One wrote: I have been reading about the AOL's fiasco. I'm at AOL in less than 1 second, every time, any day, any hr.

Real user insights in real time

Sort of like calling from New York to California and getting billed by both Nynex and Sprint for the long-distance charge. The column is published weekly, on Fridays.

Chwt may view questions and answers fromor the archive for sorted by topic or by date. Related Sites Following are links to the external Web sites mentioned in this article.

AOL offers CyberPatrol to all its subscribers. For more information, phone This Internet filtering software allows blocking by content category, time of day, or specific Internet site.

The latest version, Cyber Patrol 3. It also supports the new rating standard, RSACi.

Download the software without connect-time charges and also receive a one-year subscription to Cyber Patrol's content review and update services. Cyber Patrol works with all browsers and with Windows 3.

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